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How To Recognize Real Men

real men

What is it that makes an otherwise intelligent, independent, talented girl choose a guy who doesn’t respect her, who manipulates and abuses her, who trods on her heart, and strings her along? Why can't she see that he's a counterfeit man? I was one of those smart girls. I abandoned most of my friends to be with him. I didn’t care if he made fun of me, because I knew he loved me. I was allowed to see parts of him that no one else got to see, I … Read More...

what robs your peace

What Robs Your Peace?

We're welcoming a new blogger to fun + FAITH today. Sarah Ball is a columnist and blogger from Alberta. You may have seen her column in Calgary's City Light News - The Virtuous Woman Exposed. This is the first of hopefully many guest posts from Sarah. Give her a warm welcome! I love peace. That state of mind when all is calm, there are no … Read More...

honeymoon disaster 1

Honeymoon Disaster

I was a painfully shy, naive bride. I’d never really seen a man full-on naked, and I had limited intimate knowledge of too much else. Thank goodness a disastrous honeymoon doesn't spell doom for your marriage! We were married young, both of us still in university with no money, no plans beyond finishing school. Didn’t know what we didn’t know … Read More...

Self-indulgent people

The Selfie Series: Selfie-Indulgence

"What have we become? Self-indulgent people?” DC Talk What Have We Become? I had the distinct pleasure of doing some work with the DC Talk guys (MC Swirl, Taiter Tot and K-Max) in the late 80s and 90s, and it always struck me that this was a question that they asked…but it never received an answer. This song was released in 1995, just before the … Read More...


The Selfie Series: Selfie-Importance

One of the biggest fears that people have is of not being remarkable. I was reminded of this as we watched Spiderman 2 this year. Minor spoiler alert: The thing that Max kept repeating over and over again was his frustration that he wasn't being remembered. That people did not see him as memorable. That nobody remembered his name, which continued … Read More...


The Selfie Series: Selfie-Absorption

We just got back from vacation. As a family rule, we don't post photos from vacation until we return. This also requires us to have discussions with our extended family, so that they don't post “Hope you're having a great time in Omaha!” It's a bit of work, but it's worth it, as we don't need to leave ourselves or our home unnecessarily exposed. … Read More...


The Selfie Series: Selfie Reflect

“Selfie” is now in the Oxford Dictionary. In fact, it was named as the Word Of The Year by the Oxford Dictionary. Is that a sign of progress? For the record, I am not anti-Selfie. In fact, I've taken at least one or two (hundred) in my digital lifetime. But how much "selfie" can we handle? How much can our friends handle? And just how much … Read More...