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The Answer Is In Your Cell Phone

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This Easter time of year, one is drawn to the hope of resurrection. Jesus was dead and in the tomb three days. Those who loved him were in deep grief and disappointment. In today’s world, when life gets this heavy, when hope is lacking, when the days seem overwhelming and filled with discouragement, people tend to do one of two things: isolate or call for help and hope. To relieve isolation is why God created Eve, a companion. Why marriage … Read More...

building Lords house

Building A Home God’s Way

“MOM! Come and see what I made!” There is a lot of building going on around our house these days. With a two year old and a four year old, you just never know what you will find around the corner – a giant block tower in the middle of the kitchen floor, a Duplo train station beside the piano, a cardboard doll castle that really needs its own … Read More...

marriage in ministry

Protecting Your Pastor’s Marriage

Bill and I have spent our entire married life in some form of ministry. We know the unique blessings and challenges of marriage in ministry. Our 2015 began with a week of heart break hitting our inbox. In one 24 hour period four clergy couples contacted our office in serious marital crisis, and within a few more days, we heard of several more … Read More...


Choosing Joy Amid Chaos

We’ve all had days where you feel overwhelmed. I have those days when my boys donʼt listen to me; nothing is picked up, I can't see the end of all the things that I have to complete. And I forget to remind myself that I’m not the only one who doesnʼt have it all together. In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to de-clutter my home. In my … Read More...

perfect proposal

What’s The Perfect Way To Propose?

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Are you ready? We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to come up with just the right gift or gesture that perfectly captures the level of commitment and affection we feel for our other romantic half. A lot of people choose to propose on Valentine's Day. I was engaged on Valentine's Day 18 years ago. J hid a … Read More...

armour of marriage

The Armour of Marriage

On my husband’s desk there stands a toy soldier – sword in hand, shield raised, covered with a suit of silver armour. I gave it to him for our ninth anniversary last year, but not as some starry-eyed romantic swooning over her shining knight. It was a sign of a lesson learned. Life can be war. Marriage can be messy. Too often in the heat of … Read More...

the best yes in your marriage

The Best Yes!

In this over-sexed and under-loved world, people are looking for the real deal, the secret to lasting love with a vibrant sex life. Because of this pursuit for a purer passion, the most asked question we get when it comes to Red Hot Monogamy is, “What is okay with God?” First and foremost, sex is for marriage. Ephesians 5:31-32 (quoting Genesis) … Read More...