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Facetime: The Power of Our Full Attention


  In a world of selfies, where many of us have perfected the art of smiling for our own cameras, there is no shortage of carefully composed faces flashed all over social media. If the ordinary selfie is too difficult, or just too ordinary, you can also get a selfie stick, which my husband has jokingly dubbed “the narcistick.” Truth be told, we spend a lot of time considering and cultivating our online image. We give our full attention … Read More...

God You Go First

God, You Go First

“Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing” 1 Timothy 2:8. In Bill’s new book, Simple Skills for Every Man: Success in Relationships, Work and Walk with God, he shares the true secret of success in life and love, including talking with the God who created men! “During my years as a lead … Read More...

Unlikely Birthday Guest

The Unlikely Birthday Guest

He showed up at our door, barged past the balloons and the heaps of grade 3 shoes without even a hello. During party games he shouted uncontrollably and hurt some of the kids with his strong grip. He was twice the size of the other kids. He ate his cake in 4 seconds, without a thank you, and spread cake crumbs around our kitchen floor like a winter … Read More...

what were you made for

Are you too broken to serve God?

Are you too broken to serve God? Do you hide the scars, the scabs, the wrinkles behind a mask so no one will see just how broken you are? Do you believe you're too broken to be fixed? What if broken is exactly what God needs? There once was a little teacup... Sally sat on the high shelf with all the other shelf teacups. Sally preferred to … Read More...

love with integrity

Love With Integrity

Bill and I are known as relationship specialists; experts on love and romance and marriage educators. We have even been called “The Barbie and Ken of Love”.  Our ministry is www.Love-Wise.com and our goal is to help people in all their most vital relationships by intersecting God’s wisdom with people’s desire to be loving. So what this means is we … Read More...

power of affirmation

The Power of Affirmation

It had been one of those days. Tears and tantrums prevailed with my preschool daughter as we navigated through some behaviour issues. I had said some things in a tone of voice I regretted. In fact, the tone of the whole day was something I wished I could forget. When bedtime rolled around, we were both worn out, and I wanted nothing more than to … Read More...

redo your I do

What Would You Change About Your I Do?

I'm approaching my 18th wedding anniversary this September. Crazy! 18 years ago I had just finished my second year of a four year university program. We were both in school, so I told everyone I wanted something simple. I called it simple elegance so I didn't want to use the word cheap -- because that was the truth of it. We had no money and … Read More...