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5 Ways To Spend Time With God Today

5 ways to spend time with god

Guest Post By Megan Elford I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy. Between work, family, volunteer work, ministry, hobbies and teams, there’s often not much time for other things – like spending time with God. As busy as we get, as Christ’s followers we know that spending time with God reading the Bible and in prayer is important. But it’s not just important, it’s vital to our spiritual health. Like fuel in a truck and like carbs before the … Read More...

5 Ways to handle a pessimist

5 Ways To Handle A Pessimist

You attend a social function, be it a baby shower, a church conference or maybe even a fun night out with friends. As you are laughing, making the rounds and enjoying the company, in she comes. The tension in the room rises and people scramble to avoid eye contact with her. She’s smiling, happy to see you, she’s good at that, but you know it’s a … Read More...

Finish Your Legacy

Finish Your Legacy

Today Bill and Pam Farrel tell how to finish your legacy--and finish it well. Their wisdom and vision bring tools to help you in your day-to-day life, which will help you navigate in an intentional way. Bill just released a new book; Simple Skills for Success for Every Man, and in it are the keys to unlock success in bite-sized pieces. Starting … Read More...

how to make time to say yes

How To Make Time To Say Yes!

We have a new blogger on Fun + Faith today. Megan Elford is a work-at-home mom (WAHM) in Ontario who enjoys working as an administrative assistant, stalking her 3 children at school under the guise of “volunteering” and taking on DIY projects that exceed her skill set. Got a few minutes? Not really? Me either -- but you didn't really … Read More...

His Ways are not Our Ways

His Ways are Not Our Ways

Today Ryan Richardson wraps up his series on Rescue. “Our confidence is not in our love for Christ, which is fickle, frail and faltering, but in God’s love for us, which is faithful and persevering."  John R.W. Stott   Point #1 - I NEED TO BE RESCUED Point #2 – I AM PART OF THE RESCUE TEAM Point #3 – I AM NOT THE RESCUER Point #4 … Read More...

It's not about me

It’s Not About Me

Today Ryan continues his series on rescue, here's part 4... “You oughta stop playing God. You are not good at it, and the position is taken." Fat Man And Little Boy (1989 film) Point #1 - I NEED TO BE RESCUED Point #2 – I AM PART OF THE RESCUE TEAM Point #3 – I AM NOT THE RESCUER It is important to know that because we have been … Read More...

Be a Part of the Rescue

Be a Part of the Rescue Team

Ryan Richardson continues today with Part 3 of his series on Rescue. The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death. Proverbs 13:14 (NIV) Point #1 - I NEED TO BE RESCUED Point #2 – I AM PART OF THE RESCUE TEAM For the last several years, “The Walking Dead” on AMC has broken ratings records and … Read More...