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Laura-Lynn Tyler ThompsonAuthor, inspirational and comedic speaker, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is the national television co-host for The 700 Club Canada. God called her powerfully one night to the media in 1999.  In her 14- year television career, she has interviewed such fabulous guests as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Josh Duhamel (hit TV series Vegas), Jesse Metcalfe, Henry Winkler, and Stedman Graham (Oprah’s beau) to name a few.  She has been privileged to speak on camera with many great men and women of faith like Josh McDowell, Tony Campolo, Patsy Clairmont, Bill Hybels, Dr. Gary Smalley, Liz Curtis Higgs, Dr. Gary Chapman, Pat Robertson, Kay Arthur and Thelma Wells.  She has been on stage with the Women of Faith and opened the event for the Gaither Vocal Band.  Over 90 of her personal interviews have aired on the BIOGRAPHY Channel Canada. Her book Relentless Redemption tells her true story from devastation to destiny!

Although her exciting journey in television has escorted her to the heights of success, she has experienced and walked thru tremendous brokenness.  The kind of debilitating life circumstances that, at one point, she did not feel she would rise from.  Personal failure, threatened to steal the destiny she had wanted to live.  In a story that highlights, the power of Christ’s redemption, she tells of the life changing events that compelled her to see that Jesus was truly her only hope.  At her lowest point, she realized, this was exactly the place she could begin her most powerful and purposeful destiny. Her book Relentless Redemption tells the intimate details of her fall from grace and her rise in victory through Christ.

Her down to earth style and hilarious sense of humor will have you laughing out loud and her presentation of profound truth will change your perspective on what God is able to do with shattered lives turned over to Him.

“Laura-Lynn is an extraordinary communicator!  Whether on a platform speaking, or behind a camera on the set of The 700 Club Canada, she is articulate, authentic, encouraging, humorous, and captivating. She is a gifted woman of influence for God’s glory and I highly recommend her ministry.”

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, Between a Rock and a Grace Place (Zondervan)
Thelma Wells, D.D., President, A Woman of God Ministries“One of the most energetic and funny people I’ve worked with is my friend Laura-Lynn Thompson.  Her integrity, creativity, transparency, and professionalism added together make her one of the most powerful television personalities of her time.  She has a heart for people who are helpless, homeless and hopeless she shares her personal space and family with her passionate compassion.  Laugh, listen, learn and love with Laura-Lynn as you watch her on television and share her joy as an excellent speaker, wife, mother and a powerful woman and friend.”


“Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is delightful, funny, honest and brilliantly able to g

ather an audience in the palm of her hand.”

Pam Farrel, bestselling author of over 35 books including, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti 


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