Couples Night Out

Couples Night Out Event

Couples Night Out is best described as the Ultimate Date Night with a message, engaging speakers and artists that will provide for a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere with music and laughter and then share some powerful take aways to encourage, inspire and remind everyone that God is the centre of all good relationships.
CNO events currently have the following speakers and artists; Steve Geyer, Phil Callaway, Bill and Pam Farrell & Jay and Laura Laffoon plus the following artists; Jay Calder and Dan Macaulay
Hosted by local churches in communities across Canada, CNO is a great fit for existing Marriage Ministries and is often used as pre or post events to an ongoing bible study/teaching series on Marriage and Relationships.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is specially designed for married women—both churched and uncharted—to join together for an evening of laughter, straight talk, and fellowship as award winning author and speaker Sheila Wray Gregoire shares about God’s design for marriage. It’s available in two formats: one that focuses specifically on sexual intimacy, and one that focuses on how to bring intimacy in all areas of marriage.
Hosted by local churches across North America, the topic is one that is so timely in our culture and one that Christian women specially need answers with solid biblical direction.

Beyond the Glitter with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


Designed as the perfect Girls Night Out, Laura Lynn’s blend of comedy and message will have the women completely engaged.  Her personal story with its up and downs and God’s faithfulness will also remind everyone that we all are able to overcome our past and live for a future



Secret Keeper Girl – Crazy Hair Tour


The Crazy Hair Tour is a Bible-based relationship-building experience for moms and their tween daughters (typically ages 8-12). The two and a half hour event features a fun fashion show that demonstrates modesty, incredible balloon sculptures, bouncing beach ball competitions, mother/daughter conversation time & colorful confetti cannons and comes with a crazy proposal to get crazy.   “It’s normal for a girl to be boy-crazy and be obsessed with fashion and beauty, but those crowd-pleasing choices have risks, so let’s get crazy! The Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour helps moms cultivate God-crazy Daughters, who embrace inner beauty, biblical modesty, and vibrant purity,” reads a poster for the new event.


Touring Speakers

Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer

With a passion to serve and a commitment to speak truth in love, Steve is a unique voice in the church today.  Raised by a single mom much before it was common, Steve used humor as a copping method and ended up as a nightclub entertainer before God got hold of his life.  Many years later after a successful Christian comedy career and time in ministry, Steve has now stepped back into full-time speaking and comedy with a purpose.  Weather he is hosting the Couples Night Out events or speaking to adults on Sunday morning, Steve loves sharing God’s truth with a laugh and an ouch! But only if the truth hurts a bit.


Michael Bull RobertsMichael Bull Roberts

Michael is a walking testimony of the love of God; his early years were filled with pain and abuse, which led to violence, and more pain before he saw himself at death’s door.  With one prayer that God would show him true love before he died, the work of salvation and redemption began in his life.  Now 5 years later Michael can be found sharing his story and truth to families, teens and children through live speaking, his books, documentary and painting.

Having Michael at your church or school is living proof that God is a God of miracles.




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