While FunandFaith was founded in fall of 2012, God had begun planting the seeds and equipping Eric Spath its founder back in the early 90’s as he began producing Christian events.  While applying his gifts in the Christian music industry and with charities such as: Compassion and World Vision, the idea of creating unique ministry events and supporting the ministry of others was always at the forefront.

With over 1500 events having been produced across North America, several of his created concepts found there way across the globe as charities he worked for began to duplicate them.  Girls Night Out and Couples Night two properties he created for World Vision Canada saw over 500 events produced with authors/speakers such as; Sheila Wray Gregoire (Zondervan) Bill and Pam Farrell (Harvest House) and Steve Geyer (Pastor/Comedian)

FunandFaith began in Canada and as God opened doors and refined the work it began to expand in the United States.  At its core Marriage Ministry is the primary focus on the organization, thou it does produce and support other Christian events much of its passion is driven by the founders own journey of brokenness and healing.

Combining the skills of event production, marketing, fundraising and ministry partnerships our mission is to facilitate dynamic ministry for the equipping of the kingdom and the work of the gospel.  While we see the core work of the local church as evangelism and discipleship, events if done right support the church and give them a effective vehicle in which others can begin the process of discovering and growing in faith.

When not producing there own events, FunandFaith works alongside book publishers, authors and other marriage ministries in supporting and showcasing their work across the North America.