FOR THE JOURNEY Retreat with Steve Bell in Regina

Many today are longing for a rooted faith. We seek a pattern of prayer and worship that fashions depth within our souls and Christian communities, offering an alternative to the often-fruitless distractions and egocentric fulfillments of contemporary life.

FOR THE JOURNEY Retreat with Steve Bell explores the fertile tradition and spirituality of a Trinitarian faith, navigating a pattern for corporate worship based on Isaiah 6:1-9 in tandem with the Christian calendar year, the Hebrew psalms, and ancient prayers of the church. Practiced together, these theological commitments and devotional praxes “irrigate our souls, soften the ground of our hearts, and nourish the soil of our lives until the seed of the word of God itself begins to grow in us, comes to fruit in us, ripens us in the spiritual journey of a lifetime” (Joan Chittister).

Tickets are $129 or $99 early bird (before February 5). Retreat attendees also receive a pair of tickets at 50% off for Steve’s solo concert the following evening.

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