The DATENIGHT Tour – Complete Tour Schedule

THE DATE NIGHT TOUR, Clean Comedy For Couples!

Come prepared to laugh as comedians Andy Beningo, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Joey I.L.O., Paul May and Leland Klassen create a night you won’t soon forget.  Plus enjoy a live game show as 5 women and 5 men battle on Date Night Feud.

Ticket Pricing: $15 General Admission $25 Gold Circle (best 100 seats) $50 VIP Experience and $20 General Admission @ the door.

Tickets go live October 1st

Winkler – February 3rd

Winnipeg – February 4th

Kelowna – February 5th

Belleville – February 5th

Calgary – February 6th

Barrie – February 6th 

Ottawa – February 7th

Edmonton – February 7th

Buffalo – February 8th

Toronto – February 8th

Oshawa – February 9th

St Catharines – February 10th

Waterloo – February 11th

Brampton – February 12th

Peterborough – February 13th

Abbotsford – February 13th

London – February 14th

Burnaby – February 14th

Victoria – February 15th

Saskatoon – February 21st

Regina – February 22nd

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