A Nite To Remember

Balancing fun and faith, with purpose and plan!

A Nite to Remember for Couples is the newest event from the team at FunandFaith that combines the elements of a great date night with practical teaching for an experience that will last well beyond the night of the event.

With over 30 years of producing live concert and conference events with chart topping artists and best selling authors like Dr. Gary Chapman, Max Lucado, Gary Thomas, Ted Dekker and many more, FunandFaith has created a dynamic marriage ministry event for churches of all denominations and sizes.

In our experience producing events along with innumerable conversations with couples before and afterward, we’ve discovered that all marriages need strengthening, comfort and encouragement. Our mission was to create an event that could accomplish all three in one evening. This event serves couples that just need a laugh (encouragement), others are in need of some relational tools (strengthening) and some need a miracle (comfort). This 2.5 hr experience has also been very effective for outreach. Utilizing a humorous and practical approach presenting Biblical truth opens hearts to God’s Spirit allowing Him to move in the lives of those who attend. Couples have come to faith in Christ, countless numbers have discovered how to love each other more deeply and from time to time we’ve witnessed the restoration of severely damaged and broken marriages through this powerful event. Well beyond what simply happens on the stage is our desire to create inspiring memories that support the work of the local church. Developed by a pastor and a lay ministry leader, we understand the importance of positioning the pastor and the local church for next steps. Our goal is for the host church staff to have the night off to enjoy a date night with their spouses, but with just one request. At the end of the evening we ask a pastor from the host church to take the stage in order to put a “face with the building”. This is a time for pastors to share the resources and services their church provides to minister to couples who need some follow up or to find a church family. Our hope is that attendees will get connected and begin a deeper journey of faith and discipleship.

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