AMUSing Tour


 “One of the highlights for the year for us! It impacted all who attended.”

 “A prime opportunity to invite neighbors, family and friends to church.” 

 “I can’t imagine a more perfect show.”

 “Everyone was laughing or singing at some point in the evening!”

 “I think our church laughed more that night than in a long time!”

 “It brought together families, friends, and our community.”

Over the last 16 years Leland Klassen has become recognized as Canada’s premier clean comedian. Using his farm boy charm, his clever observations and rich life experiences are brought to life in a one of a kind show.

Acclaimed worship leader, Dan Macaulay has a unique ability to get a room singing along. Many of his songs are sung and played in churches around the world. Mix in some fun musical medley singalong and improv for a great night!

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