FunandFaith are not only event producers but seasoned marketers that provide a variety of services for event producers, churches, authors and publishers.

Hired by leading book publishers to promote the release of authors books and consultants for marriage events, our hope is to support the ongoing work of your ministry rather than recreate the wheel.

“FunandFaith managed and promoted tour events for two of my books: “A Lifelong Love” and “Cherish.” Both tours were very successful. They delivered the people and treated me extremely well. Their professionalism, the presentation of materials, his handling of details, the stage sets, and, in general, spending time with a very good team.”

Gary Thomas, Author/Speaker – Houston, TX

As event producers we are seeing a greater impact through digital marketing than any other form mass media when it comes to selling tickets for an event.  Over the past 2 years alone radio sales have been cut by half while digital marketing now represents over 50% of all sales.

Our services in this area range from,

  • Social media placement and advertising via our own and segmented lists
  • Email campaigns via our own event list
  • Consulting

Our seasoned PR staff assist in far more than getting the word out!  They understand that not all PR sells tickets for events and some is far more attractive than others. As accomplished writers and publicists they not only inquire but create content that can be placed in local and national media for the sole purposes of getting results.  Just like “jock talk”in radio is far more impactful than a spot, landing articles and covers is what will excel at.

With a database of thousands of churches across North America that have hosted marriage and family ministry events, our team of booking agents are eager to find the right local partners to host your events.  Our relationships at the local church level are ones of trust and care and thus making sure they achieve their ministry outcomes is paramount.

Are you new at producing live events or in need of a consultant or ministry partner?

With over 1500 events under our belt ranging from a few hundred to thousands with budgets ranging from $2K- $120K our team is always open to partnering with strong ministry events.

While times are changing when it comes to traditional marketing, we still use direct mail to churches and have access to lists across North America.  Compared to radio or print advertising a church mailer is still a cost effective way of communicating.

All on-line ticketing is not the same and too often you only realize this when its too late. powered by Showclix is a dynamic part of the FunandFaith team.  Let us highlight the services and let you know how you can gain free marketing for your event if you use our ticketing services.

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